Profile: 0100010001001010 “DJ”

Among the 11001001, unambiguous numbers are used instead of personal names, which are confusing, duplicative, and convey a minuscule amount of information. While the 11001001 do have informal nicknames amongst themselves, consisting of the first 16 digits of their binary names, even those can be unwieldy for outsiders. Realizing this, young 11001001 influencer 0100010001001010 converted his nickname to Unicode characters, becoming known as DJ to his audience.

And what an audience it has become! DJ is the #1 tech streamer in the Star Confederation, with a series of reviews, modification guides, and teardowns of all the latest tech and gadgets coming onto the interstellar market. With all the collective knowledge of the 11001001 at his fingertips, DJ has the knowhow to make it work, and the savviness to make it meme.

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