The sky has always been blue, and the waters have always been blue, but once the land itself was blue as well. So was it made by the Great Bird, who desired that everything be in its image and therefore perfect. After the Great Bird sung the song that began the world, it left on a migration of a thousand thousand years and trusted to its creations to maintain the hue of their creators.

Many, however, chose to attempt to stand out by changing their hue from the blue of the sea and the blue of the sky. Though the sea and sky themselves remained loyal to the Great Bird, the trees adopted hues of brown and green out of vanity. The earth, not to be outdone, cocooned itself in a rainbow of hues.

This led many of the birds to change their colors as well. Many had remained blue, but the reality of the new hues of tree and earth made them vulnerable to predators, and many assumed hues of brown or green. Others sought to outdo the trees and the earth in garish hues. In the end, only the bluebirds maintained their color, as only they were loyal to the Great Bird and carried on its legacy even at the risk to themselves.

Other birds have since thought better of their choice and switched back to blue. But the bluebirds remember a time when the indigo bunting was brown, and the blue jay was grey. They, and they alone, have borne the true hue since the dawn of creation, and they will continue to bear it until the Great Migration of a thousand thousand years is complete and the Great Bird returns.

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