The Vatna believe that those who demonstrate outstanding moq’HiQ during the previous sol are visited by Warlord Zhu’Ah, who will give them implements of battle useful for the coming year, as well as sweet treats and stuffed animals. Children are typically given toy versions of battle implements; the old saying is that anyone old enough to receive a lethal weapon from Warlord Zhu’Ah is too old to believe in him.

Fulvan Hive
Traditional Fulvan culture emphasizes the whole rather than the one, and as such they believe that Overwind Alpha is manifested from the combined thoughts and feelings of all Fulvans, and delivers practical gifts like drinkware and clothing to the most civic-minded Fulvans. Reform and Orthodox Fulvans tend to give more sentimental and less traditional gifts.

Since the Zypger favor the art of subtlety and secrecy in galactic relations, their annual gifts are delivered by Spymaster Snrub, who inserts sleeper agents (often translated as “elves”) into each household to probe it for weaknesses. Snrub is a great lover of sport, and will bypass houses without any defenses for him to bypass–hence the Zypger tradition of laying traps and snares for Snrub to “disarm.”

The stereotypical Ebzhyna believes in free will, free love, and the breaking down of emotional and physical barriers. Their annual gift bringer is Gobho the Joyous, who lavishes gifts on the Ebzhya with the clearest vibes. These gifts tend to be, at least for traditionalist Ebzhyna, healthy snacks and ecologically sustainable toys.

The Obet spawning strategy requires the strongest hatchlings to eat their weaker siblings, and for parents to eat any hatchlings that are deformed or unacceptable. As such, Broodmistress D’lyel will reward the most evolutionarily competitive Obet with the delectable young of their evolutionary inferiors. While this was quite real in historical times, most modern gifts are gummy young and other treats.

The networked and heavily augmented 11001001 lack sentience without surgical implementations, and live a partly virtual life. Their annual gifts take the form of data packets delivered by IO.exe, which contain small games, sums of credits, and other goodies.

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