Q: Will I see any orcs in the cave?

A: The Yadum Caverns are home to a small population of rare and endangered cave orcs. Their population has been decimated by white-nose syndrome and they hibernate from October to March. Do not attempt to interact with any orcs you see, or photograph them with your flash.

Q: Will I see any dwarves in the cave?

A: The dwarves of Yadum Caverns delved too greedily and too deep, and awoke shadow and flame in the depths. As such, they are critically endangered and have been extirpated from the caves. The only dwarves you will see are your fellow tourists or the forest dwarf guide Seyhan if it’s a Wednesday.

Q: What of the fabled flowstone metal with which the hill dwarves built their empire?

A: It was all mined out centuries ago, creating both the Lower Gallery and the wedding reception area.

Q: Will I see Gilcu’s Blight, the vuflia of the ancient world that laid low the Kingdom Under the Hills?

A: Only on the Adventure Tour, which requires an orientation session and a doctor’s note.

Q: Will I see the ruins of the famed Hill Dwarf city of Gzduurzghoi?

A: Due to ongoing conservation work and previous issues with precious flowmetal disappearing, Gzduurzghoi is currently off limits without a permit.

Q: I have heard that there are rare cave animals in Yadum Caverns, is this true?

A: Yadum hosts cave bats, cave crickets, cave salamanders, blind cave fish, white cave crawdads, and Zolsvi, demon spider of the abyssal gate. Remember not to bother any of them.

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