“Oh yeah?” the groblin said. “Well, then, I suppose you know where we groblins comes from, eh?”

“Of course,” said Sub-Archon Dix. “You were fashioned from corrupted earth by the Dark Cloud to serve as its foot soldiers in an attempt to extinguish every light.”

“Hah!” chortled the groblin, tapping its taller gemlin partner on the arm. “That’s rich, innit?”

“Am I wrong?” the sub-archon said, looking haughtily at them.

“Course it is! If’n I asked you where archons come from, would you say they was hand-crafted from loam by the Light Cloud?”

“Well, yes.”

“Archons is made by other archons which trains them and gives them funny hats,” the taller gemlin said.

“We didn’t ask for your bleedin’ creation myth now, did we?” snickered the groblin. “That’s the problem with you archons, you’s more concerned with what happened a thousand years ago than what’s in fronta your conk!”

Dix was silent a second. “So…where do goblins come from?”

“Groblins comes from other, larger, groblins after they be makin’ the beast wif two backs, mate,” laughed the groblin.

“Wait,” Dix said. “Groblins have women?”

“Oh, that’s rich, comin’ from an archon,” the gemlin snorted. “Not only does we gremlins and our cousins have ladies, but you’re lookin’ at ’em.”

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