The Machine-Man of Bergdahl, Günter Pontroß
Set in 2023 Bavaria, this film from the early part of the silent era is a near-direct copy of Čapek’s RUR with minor changes to skirt rights issues. This did not work, and the film was ordered destroyed by a Czech court. Nevertheless, surviving copies greatly influenced the cinematic presentation of robots, with Fritz Lang in particular citing it as an inspiration for Metropolis.

Time for a Change, J. Ralston McDermott
This comedy-romance features bookends set in 2023 Chicago, where put-upon everyman John Winkle IV attempts to travel to the past to improve the financial lives of his forebears in 1948, only to constantly find misadventure and failure affecting him in both the “present” of 1948 and the “future” of 2023. The 2023 sequences used mainly matte paintings and leftover props from science fiction serials, but in 2022 it gained brief notoriety for “predicting” the Russo-Ukranian War due to a throwaway line about “Soviets being forced from Kiev.”

Densetsu Shiro no Saigo!?, Matsumura Tamaribuchi
In the fourth installment in the popular and long-running Densetsu Shiro series, protagonist Shimada finds that his castle (which he won in a mahjong game in the first film) has begun accruing property taxes, which he lazily declines to pay. In response, he is pulled into the year 2023 by his future self to see the consequences of his decision: his longtime paramour Miyoko forced to work as a card shark, the castle outfitted as a tacky floating casino after being repossessed, and a future Shimada who is fat, bald, and depressed. Shimada’s solution, to remove the roof from his castle so it no longer qualifies as a residence and live in a tent on the grounds, mirrors that of many British aristocrats in the 1920s.

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