Tornado Watch
Conditions are favorable for tornado formation. Keep up to date on forecasts and plan accordingly. Exercise caution.

Tornado Warning
A tornado or cyclone has been observed or formation is believed to be imminent. Seek shelter immediately. Exercise extreme caution.

Tornado Whisper
An unusually quiet cyclone has formed. The distinctive “onrushing locomotive” sound may not be present. Exercise caution and obey Visual Tornado Rules (VTR).

Tornado Wade
A tornado has ventured over water and has become a waterspout. The twister can now inflict elemental damage and is immune to fire but vulnerable to ice.

Tornado Warrant
State, local, or federal law enforcement has reason to believe that a tornado has committed, been an accomplice in, or an accessory to a Class 2 felony or worse. Report the tornado to your local police hotline, but do not approach–it may be armed and dangerous.

Tornado Weird
A powerful being or supernatural force is at the center of the tornado, and has either created or commandeered it. Watch for tentacles, errant lightning bolts, and pockets of non-euclidean geometry. Avert your eyes lest you be afeared and driven to a dark madness.

Tornado Warp
All or part of the supercell storm system generating the tornado has begun to generate a natural warp field or “warp bubble.” Retreat to a safe 10-mile radius, as the tornado may begin faster-then-light travel at any time.

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