Remember, with ever more unpredictable temperature swings due to climate change, it’s important to make sure that your ectoplasm does not freeze. Frozen ectoplasm, and burst slime pipes resulting from it, are the #1 cause of supernatural molds, undead fungus, warped wood, and grave rot. Protect your home by following these simple winter tips:

1. Keep your house heated during the winter, even when you’re away. This will prevent ectoplasm-ice buildups in warmer temperatures and assure than any frost ghouls are small and manageable.

2. If you have ectoplasm piping installed in your sanctum, lair, or finished basement, leave a faucet dripping. This gives expanding ectoplasm someplace to go, and the resulting minor apparitions are easily dispelled or captured when you return.

3. If temperatures will be significantly below the freezing point of ectoplasm (16.666º), consider turning off your slime pipes at the municipal source. This will result in some inconvenience when you return, but it will be better than a Class VI Event that a full leak would cause.

4. If you do suffer a leak, remember: ectoplasm flows uphill, so be sure to check the rooms and spaces above for signs of contamination or haunting. Don’t trust a consumer-grade PK meter for this; invest in a professional unit or hire a contractor.

5. Remember: you may not be the only one dabbling with the dark arts in your area. In the event of a widespread freezing event, there may be many houses needing decontamination and exorcism. Be prepared to wait, and if possible prepare a list of damaged, haunted, and/or possessed items for the adjustor. A list of apparitions with descriptions and photographs would also be very useful.

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