Dear Warmaiden Madison R’Svask:
I was reading an article about the use of a turbo death ray in a mass disintegration on Vatna Prime and wondered why the government there does not impose some kind of death ray restrictions. 11001001 Prime only allows death rays aboard star dreadnoughts, for instance.
-01000001 01001010, Sector 001, 11001001 Prime

Dear 01000001,
This is a great question! It’s something I ask myself a lot, since most of the Vatna Code of Blood Honor was written during the age of stabbing, before projectile weapons of any sort were invented. But you have to remember that the Code of Blood Honor was formalized in the era after the Vatna Empire was overthrown and the Vatna Republic was born. After roasting and eating the entire imperial family down to the seventh generation in a giant picnic, the Vatna were very interested in making sure they could have another such picnic if the Republic failed to live up to its promises.

So that’s why the Right to Preemptive Attack is in the Code of Blood Honor, and why the 997th Vatna Republic refuses to change it. Me, I’m in favor of some simple common-sense changes: some background checks for people purchasing reactor-driven star-dreadnought class death rays, a five-day waiting period on turbo laser purchases, and limiting the capacity of military-grade battery packs to 1000 shots or less. I also think that preemptive attacks should me limited to bladed weapons, bringing back the duel of honor to supplant the mass disintegration in Vatna culture. Maybe we’ll get to the level of the 11001001 in a few millennia, who knows?

It’s worth noting, though, that my human family is on record as saying that the Vatna Code of Blood Honor is very restrictive and an example of government overreach! Sol III does, after all, not limit mass disintegration to matters of honor! But they also have a much better selection of essential oils and bath salts, so it all evens out.

-Warmaiden Madison R’Svask

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