In international media news today, author Winnifred Xavier (W.X.) Paddleford lashed out at critics who had called for her to retract her controversial remarks on social media, instead doubling down on her tirade through an additional series of posts.

Though her publisher, Giraudoux & Strauss of New York, Paddleford repeated her views that a secret cabal of Hebrew industrialists is plotting world domination, that LGBTQ+ people “did not exist” until they were created by the Chinese Communist Party using biological weapons in the 1980s, and that vaccines cause autism because “Big Pharma wants to sell you a cure.” Though the Giraudoux & Strauss representative was sure to label Ms. Paddleford’s remarks as “a matter of personal opinion,” he nevertheless dismissed reports that the publisher was planning to drop the author as a client.

“We remain excited to work with Ms. Paddleford’s expanded universe of novels, stage plays, Hollywood films, video games, and NFTs,” the spokesman, Hal Fischer, said. “I understand that many may personally disagree with Ms. Paddleford’s strongly held personal and religious beliefs, but we ask that they simply separate the author from the work.”

Paddleford, whose works include the Sorcerer’s School, Techno Training, and Post-Apoc Academy series, is in the middle of a media tour promoting the new Sorcerer’s School: Multiverse MMORPG. Preorders of the game have already leading Giradoux & Strauss Interactive to record Q4 profits last year, and response to the closed beta has been very positive. G&S Interactive declines to comment for this story other than to stress that potential game buyers should “separate the author from the work.”

As a “No to Sorcerer’s School: Multiverse boycott petition on social media grew to over one million signatures, W.X. Paddleford responded by promising to donate $10 of her royalties to the Bible Sexuality Institute for every signatory at the time of the game’s release.

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