Love Day, also known as St. Valentine’s Day, the Day of the 2/14 Incident, and The Lovening, is a day dedicated to romantic love on many human worlds. While it originates in several different belief systems, the embrace of the day by large corporations has led to its secularization. Attempts to encourage other Star Confederation cultures to participate have generally been catastrophic, with the sole exception of the Vatna, who have wholeheartedly embraced it.

In addition to Love Day, where Vatna warriors are expected to present a battle-token to a loved one, the Vatna Hegemony also celebrates Vengeance Day or Revenge Day. This day, April 15, is dedicated to the settling of scores both large and small. In many cases, it can be as simple as setting a ceremonial booby trap or engaging in brief fisticuffs over a perceived slight, and many Vatna corporations sell traps and dueling gloves for this purpose. Vengeance Day can also be in deadly earnest, of course, and it is the most popular day on the Vatna calendar to declare BloodWar.

Fulvan Hive
Traditional Fulvans celebrate Conformity Day over four days, July 1-4, and treat it as a celebration of sameness, integration, and uniformity. Beige cakes are often consumed, and each Hive will agree in advance on a present for all Hive members to give to all other Hive members. Reform Fulvans, either on their own or as part of a Reformed Hive, generally use the same span to celebrate Freedom Day, a celebration of individuality and excess that is (in)famous for its drinking, dancing, and debauchery.

The Zypger Union’s official state emotion is cool detachment, yet there is no official holiday celebrating such (though many informally observe it on November 1 as Statistics Day). Instead, official celebrations are held on a moveable day in the spring, the first full day after all three moons of Zypger IV have appeared in the same night sky. It is celebrated as Joy Day, with the strong implication that the Zypger people are joyous at their government. For its part, the Union does typically provide food and small gifts for the populace.

Anger Day does not seem in keeping with the generally laid-back vibes of the Ebzhyna, and that is exactly the point. Without an outlet for the boiling rage many of them are forced to hide behind a mask of cheerful indifference, mental illness and outbreaks of violence can happen. Uif Evef, the great leader that set the Ebzhyna on their philosophy of going with the flow, therefore built Anger Day into the new calendar. It is a display of pure unbridled rage, directed against inanimate objects, in most places; the ritual of the Purgative, where all laws and customs are suspended for one day, has proven difficult to reconcile with Star Confederation law.

Obets celebrate Comfort Day, with the date being mandated as a day off for all levels of society and a strict prohibition on anything other than comfort for the duration. Sales of couches tend to skyrocket around Comfort Day, and it is also the preferred euthanasia day for many of the critically ill. Due to the complete shutdown of all government services for the day, it is also sees an uptick in preventable deaths and auto-cannibalism as well.

As a networked and cybernetic culture, the 11001001 would seem to be a candidate to celebrate Conformity Day along with the traditionalist Fulvan Hive. Instead, the 11001001 observe Loneliness Day, day in which their network is temporarily disabled to emphasize how devastatingly lonely life is without it. Reportedly, this is the day when the largest number of 11001001 go rogue, as well.

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