In ages past, the great and all-encompassing Sky sent Its children down to the ground in the form of pigeons and doves. Numberless, they filled the world with their great flocks and huge numbers. The Sky told them that they were to be stewards of this world and guardians of its wisdom. In return, it asked only that they practice good stewardship and not forget their duties to lesser birds and lesser beings.

But in time, the doves forgot their promise and their place. Their numbers blotted out the sun, and some even grew so large as to tower over the other life that they were supposed to protect and nourish. They consumed all the available food, leaving none for any others. The Sky called the pigeons and doves to account for themselves, but they made a poor showing, impressing upon the great and all-encompassing that they did not realize the depths of their folly.

The Sky then gravely informed the pigeons and doves that, since they had pledged to nourish the other animals, they would honor the bargain one way or another. It then gave to the animals that were hungriest the ability to hunt and eat pigeons and doves. They gladly did so, and soon the pigeons and dives found their numbers much diminished and under threat. They pleaded with the Sky to reverse its decision, but it fell silent.

That is why, to this day, pigeons and doves are hunted and eaten. That is why so many have vanished from the earth. Only when their forgotten pledge is remembered, and all the hungry are fed, will the all-encompassing Sky see fit to restore them.

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