Profile: Duvvu Neffe

Obet tend to be negatively stereotyped as criminals and deviants, thanks largely to high-profile figures like Don Xoppo and persistent rumors that their lack of distinct genders means that Obet are hyper-sexualized perverts. Neither could be further from the truth, of course, and Duvvu Neffe is on the leading edge of changing such perceptions about their species.

Born to a member of the Neffe clan as well as the M’Deed clan, Duvvu is already regarded as something of an oddity among their own people, as the Neffe and M’Deed are traditional clan enemies. But beyond that, Duvet’s major claim to fame is reaction videos to a variety of Obet and non-Obet media. Their horrified reaction to a human frog leg eating contest, as well as their hysterical laughter at a nominally serious Vatna blood opera daytime program, have made Duvvu a pillar of reaction comedy.

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