The Surreal Film Service is your source for the finest surreal films!

Films are available by topic, streaming via the Mutt.R platform. Would you like an 18-hour film of an unfinished building? A 13-hour epic miniseries with no intelligible dialogue? Or perhaps a 7-second film of an embalmed cat being dropped from a city bridge? Whatever your surreal need, the Surreal Film Service has you covered!

And it’s not just new films, either. All the classics are available for streaming via Mutt.R. Relive Candy Horwahl’s epoch-defining Paint Drying in Manhattan. Experience the epic 5-part 7-hour Dartos Cycle by Barney Matthews in its original intended viewing order, starting with Dartos IV. And if non-narrative stock footage is your thing, look no further than the Mooki trilogy by Günter Reál, available in its full extended edition director’s cut.

Finally, the Surreal Film Service is at the forefront of new developments in the field as well! Splice together your own film using our Mutt.R stock footage library. Revolutionary new AI technology allows for you to generate nonsense on the fly. And, of course, look for new Surreal Original Movies coming to the platform on an irregular basis!

The Surreal Film Service. You don’t get us, but we get you.

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