Title: Kauboigan: Nishi no densetsu (カウボーイガン: 西の伝説)
Developer: Chuo Team, Glowbe USA
Publisher: Glowbe Co. Ltd.
System: Musjido PlayCom
Release Date:
NA: September 2, 1991

Upon seeing the success that Glowbe’s version of their game had in North America, Chuo Team proposed a joint venture to bring the game back to Japan in its western guise, with the hope that the fresh look would help to boost sales. Glowbe agreed, and took over publication from Zukaya. The conversion process was relatively quick, and consisted mainly of reinserting the original Japanese script with some modifications to remove references to samurai and swords (although fans have noted at least two places where such references remain).

Chuo also kept Glowbe’s modification to use the Musjido Buzzer light gun instead of the Joytana, though they modified the code to accept several popular light guns, such as the Musjido Murderer (the Japanese version of the Buzzer) and the Zukaya Zapper. As many in Japan were not familiar with the American Civil War, a new introduction sequence was added to the game, which required upgrading to the Musjiso MMV onboard chip, and a third new soundtrack was created to avoid overseas royalty payments.

Though the resulting game was not a record seller, it sold much better than Samurai no Densetsu: Ronin! and Chuo wound up repurposing many of the older cartridges for the new game. This had the unintended consequence of making original Samurai no Densetsu: Ronin! cartridges something of a rarity in Japan.

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