Title: Ultra Western Guns
Developer: Glowbe Co. Ltd.
Publisher: Glowbe Co. Ltd.
System: Ultra Musjido Media System (UMMS)
Release Date:
NA: August 13, 1992

As part of the deal with Chuo Team for Kauboigan: Nishi no densetsu, Glowbe had received the exclusive rights to make a sequel to the original game in North America. They licensed an RPG engine from Fenix Co. and proceeded to build a new game from the ground up. The result kept the one-on-one duel aspect of the original, but now framed as special attacks rather than narrative sequences; each character had a different “Quickdraw” technique that they could use in battle, requiring different speed- and skill-based challenges to deal maximum damage.

Although marketed as a sequel, Ultra Western Guns featured only a few side characters from the original and told a largely original story. Ex-thief Yule was condemned to death for a crime he didn’t commit, but survived in a miracle, awakening just as he was about to be buried in a potter’s field. He then sets out to track down and kill the four outlaws that framed him with the assistance of bounty hunter Sharps, circus sharpshooter Jane, and urchin Mouse. each of the four outlaws serves as the boss of their own chapter, which also involves side quests like bounty hunting. In the end, it is revealed that Yule really did die on the gallows, but that he had returned from beyond the grave for vengeance, fading away after the final boss is defeated.

Ultra Western Guns was a hit despite its occasional grammatical and technical hiccups, and topped the sales charts in North America for two months following its release. It was subsequently adapted into a five-issue comic book arc, and a pilot cartoon was produced that aired as a TV movie when it was turned down for syndication. It was also reissued on a cheaper cartridge with inexpensive packaging as part of the Ultra Hits line in 1995.

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