Title: Urutora Kauboigan (ウルトラカウボーイガンズ)
Developer: Glowbe Co. Ltd.
Publisher: Glowbe Co. Ltd.
System: Ultra PlayCom
Release Date:
JP: July 9, 1993

Encouraged by the success of Ultra Western Guns in North America, Glowbe localized the game for Japanese players the following year. Other than re-rendering the script, few changes were made, though Glowbe once again had the game re-scored by their Kyoto sound team to avoid international licensing issues. There was some fear at Glowbe that this represented a violation of their agreement with Chuo Team, since their license was only for North America, but Glowbe rationalized that a localization did not count.

Released into a very saturated market in 1993, Urutora Kauboigan was a slow seller. Along with the failure of its expensive Ultra Saber peripheral that same year, Glowbe posted its first quarterly losses since the beginning of the console boom as a result.

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