Title: Kauboigan 2 (カウボーイガン 2)
Developer: Chuo Team
Publisher: Zykaya Co. Ltd.
System: Ultra PlayCom
Release Date:
JP: December 22, 1993

When Chuo Team learned that Glowbe was localizing Ultra Western Guns for the Japanese market, the developers were incensed–not only did they see this as a violation of their agreement, but Glowbe had not even bothered to ask for permission of consult them in any way. At a staff meeting in early 1993, Chuo decided to retaliate by making their own sequel.

Kauboigan 2 was the result, and it was a far more direct sequel made on an upgraded version of the Samurai no Densetsu: Ronin! game engine. It retconned the ending of the earlier game by revealing that Ken, East, Viki, and Zeke had survived the previous game, albeit with grievous wounds. Returning to health after months of convalescing, they find that a group of outlaws has been committing crimes in their name, making them wanted dead or alive. The four set out to clear their names while tracking down and avenging themselves upon the imposters.

While the graphics are considerably upgraded, Kauboigan 2 shares very similar gameplay with Samurai no Densetsu: Ronin!. Lighten-compatible duels are only fought at predetermined points, although a number of optional duels in side quests and secret locations were also added. Random battles are still a major part of gameplay, and the armor system doubles as a series of disguises to keep the heroes from being arrested or recognized, adding a strategic element to some sections. Disguises make poor armor, but wearing strong armor in certain areas results in tougher battles and eventual endless waves of enemies.

Released much later in 1993, Kauboigan 2 was a smash hit among Japanese gamers and doubled sales of lighten peripherals for months as well. Instead of competing with the many major summer releases in 1993, it stood out during the late holiday retail season and helped Chuo Team move into larger Kyoto offices. Half-hearted legal action by Glowbe dragged on for some time, but Chuo Team was on record as saying their new game’s success was revenge enough.

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