With Possessr™, it’s time to stop living and start earning!

It’s a well-known fact that the world is teeming with disembodied spirits, spectral beings without a body that inhabit a grim limbo beyond the mundane. Some are the restless spirits of the dead, unsettled in this and any lifetime. Others are demonic beings from realms infernal, helpless to impose their will upon the world without a vessel. And of course there’s the occasional poltergeist who just wants to watch the world burn.

Possessor™ allows you to rent your body to one of these vagrant specters for a fixed period of time and at market-beating rates. Unlike our competitors at haunt and Exorcism, Possessr™ pays possession fees directly to users, with same-day transfers available via PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp. And unlike those other services, Possessor™ offers fixed-term possessions with an auto-exorcism included for delinquent accounts.

But how can spiritual possession of your physical form translate into cash? After all, dead men pay no dues, and while the realm infernal offers pleasures both subtle and gross, they are temptations of the mind, not the wallet. We here at Possessor™ are not content with paying out of legacy estates or through soul timeshares, and our revolutionary revenue-sharing feature is first in the industry.

Simply put, while possessing your mortal shell, the Possessr™ spirit agrees to watch 8-10 advertisements of 10-30 seconds’ duration. This has been found in paranormal market research to result in a substantial increase in sales, as those same spirits are then more likely to use products and services from Possessr™ partners while inhabiting a mortal vessel. They’re also more likely or organically slip the advertising copy seamlessly into seances, hauntings, dream visions, and other vectors long overlooked by traditional advertisers.

And best of all, your chances of making a purchase from a Possessor™ ad partner while being puppeteer from beyond the mortal coil are only 5%! Our first-in-class market research has shown that the average Possessr™ user makes 10-100 times the cost of any purchases in their first year alone! And don’t worry about liability: Possessr™ has strict terms of service that invoke qualified immunity for all of our living partners. Charges for murder, mayhem, and other violations are filed in less than 1% of Possessr™ gigs, and thanks to generous political contributions, actions committed while being puppeteer from beyond the veil of sanity cannot be the basis for prosecution in 37 states!

So what are you waiting for? Turn those otherwise unoccupied hours into cash by downloading the Possessr™ app and swiping right.

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