Mrs. Daniels looked out over the field in shock. The easter eggs which she had carefully filled with treats and scattered in such a way that toddlers could easily find them–all gone. Only a few shattered plastic shell pieces remained.

“Easter egg pirates,” she said, picking up one of the plastic pieces and crushing it in her palm until she drew blood.

“What’s that?” Mrs. Jeffries said.

Daniels didn’t answer; she was scanning the horizon for any unusual behavior. The pirates couldn’t have gotten far in less than ten minutes. A moment later, her scrutiny was rewarded at the sound of a big truck peeling out of a nearby parking lot.

“No one needs to be in that much of a hurry at this time of day,” she said through clenched teeth. “Especially not in a car with so much…cargo capacity.”

“Huh?” Jeffries said.

“Get the Volvo, Deidre, dear,” Mrs. Daniels said. “We’re hunting down some pirates.”

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