Ulus Vin Tengen, the People’s Margrave
A report prepared for the Emperor, the Imperial chancery, and the Landsrat

Unlike many of the Death Brigades leaders, detailed information is available on Ulus Vin Tengen. The eldest son of Linne Vin Tengen, Margrave of Anna, his records are complete and available for perusal. It seems that he was the only child of the Margrave’s first wife to survive infancy, and attended the Imperial Military Academy as well as the Eisburg University. It would seem that this education would have prepared him for assuming his father’s lands and titles, but a major controversy erupted surrounding this.

To wit, Linne Vin Tengen, his second wife, and their young son–Ulus’s half-brother–all perished very suddenly and within a day of one another. It was widely rumored, though never proven, that Ulus had poisoned them, perhaps only intending to poison his father. Ulus, for his part, claimed that the deaths were natural, but the uncertainty resulted in the Imperial Chancery being called upon to mediate, and the matter was put to the Landsrat. As a result, the Margravate of Anna went to Hume Vin Tengen, Ulus’s uncle and a Landsrat member himself. Ulus was formally accused of murder and placed under arrest.

The circumstances surrounding his escape are, as yet, unclear. Suffice to say that he was able to amass a following in the Margravate of Anna, claiming to be the true Margrave and pledging reforms. Now, to the experienced statesman these empty promises are revealed to be the hollow and naked bid for power that they are, but among the serfs of Anna, these falsehoods soon found a willing audience. Ulus was also able to draw on former connections to gain supplies, arms, and armor for a time, and his knowledge of tactics used by Landsknechte made him exceptionally dangerous even with untrained troops.

After Hume Vin Tengen was killed in battle, Ulus declared himself Margrave–a “People’s Margrave,” a term he did not deign to define. The Landsrat declared him an outlaw and awarded the Margravate to a cousin, who has since been unable to fully pacify it. At present, the Margravate of Anna is rent and lawless, a major stronghold of anti-Imperial peasant unrest, and a prime target for Landsknechte to reclaim for the Emperor. Ulus himself, as a noble, has been sentenced to death by silk strangulation, and a purple cord currently awaits his throat in the Ratisbon Town Hall.

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