Anna Scytheblade
A report prepared for the Emperor, the Imperial chancery, and the Landsrat

As the leader of a large formation of rebellious peasants, Anna so-called Scytheblade is notable for being a woman and a blacksmith of some skill, both unusual in the eyes of the Landsrat and those of the Church. It is believed that this situation resulted from her circumstances in the Wasserlauf Valley, where testimony indicates that she was the only child of a village blacksmith.

Trained in his trade by her father, Anna reportedly declined all offers of marriage in favor of said trade, much to her sorrow when her father died and his forge was claimed by an uncle, who reportedly disinherited his niece and forced her to labor and glean for survival.

An incident variously recorded as a verbal insult, a physical assault, or an carnal impropriety occurred between Anna and the minor noble for whom she was laboring. Rather than take the issue up with the proper ecclesiastical authorities, however, Anna reportedly stole a scythe and reforged it into a sword, which was then used in the unlawful killing of her liege.

Rather than being punished for this violation, Anna appears to have sparked a general revolt in her area, and her production of swords, pikes, and other weapons made from farming implements has been responsible for much of the peasant armory.

At present, the location of this force is Wasserstadt, but its exact disposition is unknown owing to destruction of bridges in the area.

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