ENO Level 4
At Level 4, human actors begin to become involved as enablers. This can be in the form of unaware human agents who are fooled into thinking they are dealing with an organic, or knowing human confederates seeking to aid the ENO in exchange for payment or on moral/philosophical grounds.

In one well-known case, known as Enigma 2571, a resident had moved into a home at 2571 Gamine St. in Fairview in the middle of the night and kept to themselves, paying all bills on time and occasionally appearing to have people over. When a routine wellness check from a returned jury duty summons was carried out, the house was found to be entirely made up of servers and server architecture that had been custom-built to contain a Level 4 ENO.

Using stolen electronic funds, the ENO had stolen the identity of a dead man, paid for the purchase and installation of the custom hardware needed to sustain it, and built a digitally impregnable redoubt for itself. Only the physical destruction of the solid-state storage devices themselves, by shredding, was enough to ensure the ENO’s total destruction. The human actors who had aided it were all out on trial, despite their claims of innocence, and several were sentenced to long prison terms.

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