The Fire Poker of Coolness
A standard-sized fire poker with an added hook for raking ashes, this was one part of a set of three such implements that apparently included a rake and an ash bucket. What enchantments, if any, the other two implements had is unknown, and the current set has two mundane replacements in their stead. The poker has been magicked with an intense aura of heat dissipation, which is a very complex and time-consuming property to work with—many practicing mages and wizards prefer using much simpler cold spells for that very reason. No matter how hot the poker gets, and it has been tested to up to 1000ºZ, it retains an ambient temperature of 22.2ºZ. It has no other unusual properties, and while it could conceivably be used as a club against the relatively frail physical form of a fire elemental, it appears that a powerful and anonymous mage simply was tired of burning their hands tending a fire.

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