The Rug of Bunchlessness
This large rug, approximately 11 by 5 old Imperial feet, is a neutral earth tone color and otherwise unremarkable. It is quite worn in places, and has had extensive repairs on one end. Powerful magicks encircle the rug, woven into every fiber, such that a spell of magic detection of use of a magiscope nearby will result in an overwhelming, even painful, reading. These magicks alter the very fabric of time, space, gravity, and inertia around the rug to keep it lying absolutely flat, and it will not bunch up or otherwise move from its place unless picked up by hand. While the maker’s tag has long since come off, only a few extremely powerful arch-mages throughout history could have possibly woven together such powerful spells precisely in order and tune to achieve this effect. It seems that, tired of the rug bunching up, an unknown but extremely powerful wizard decided there was no kill like overkill.

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