The Para-Elemental Wand

Created by the former Head of the Imperial Magocracy Council, Gorrister Naegis, this ornately carved and finely wrought ironwood wand was his last commission before his resignation and disappearance. The Imperial Magister had requested a wand that could harness the power of the four elements, but only paid a pittance and given Naegis a short deadline. The result was the Para-Elemental Wand, which provided the powers of the four para-elemental planes: Ice, Magma, Ooze, and Smoke. Forming the borderlands between the major elements of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water, the pare-elemental planes are weak sources of magic due to their divided natures, and accordingly the wand is able to summon only a shard of ice, a drop of magma, a thin tendril of ooze, and a puff of smoke. This makes it totally useless for all purposes, as even the magma cools and hardens almost instantly.

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