The Crystal of Confusion

A well-carved crystal with scintillating colors and a powerful magical aura, this is to all appearances a highly desirable magic item. However, when grasped, its only effect is a strong sense of confusion about the nature of the crystal itself–where it came from, what powers it possesses, and how to use them. One owner, Ralf IV of Rxenmuth, believed that it had been given to him by a flaming angel, and that by clutching the crystal in one hand and a stick of butter in the other, he would be granted the power of flight. Another, Archmagus Trop of McOrne, believed that he had been gifted the crystal by his dead mother–who was still alive–and that wearing it around his neck would render him invisible so long as he wore no clothes. Its maker is unknown, but given the wake of utter mayhem strewn in its path, many devious imps and tricksters have been credited–or blamed–for its creation.

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