The Erhu of Projection

A two-stringed, bowed spike fiddle, this erhu is solidly made but roughly finished. In place of the usual python skin, close examination will show that the resonator is made from the skin of a sonic dragon. It can be played by anyone with at least a passing familiarity with string instruments using any bow at hand, and the strings can be plucked by the untrained. Whenever the erhu makes any noise with its strings beyond simple transport–being played, struck, or plucked with the intent to make noise–it can be heard by everyone within a roughly quarter-mile radius as if the instrument were uncomfortably close to their head. The player is immune to this effect, and many an unfortunate street musician has been accosted by an angry mob on its behalf. The item is unmarked but believed to have been a spiteful gift from a auromancer to a street performer.

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