Sorrow’s Raiment

This is a piece of well-made light armor brigantine, with a high evident quality of workmanship and a dark color scheme that seems like it would be very intimidating if worn. Once donned, though, the armor will make the wearer progressively sadder and more depressed the longer it is worn. This melancholy has never lead to suicide or self-harm, but records exist of wearers being found weeping on the floor, pining away on a couch, or staring forlornly over battlements. The effect disappears gradually if the armor is removed, and even though any wearer is unlikely to feel ready for battle, it will protect their person to a high degree. A close inspection reveals the signature of R. K. Kundtstadtler of Dorfwasser, and it was rumored to have been made for a captain of the guard that was felt to be too pompous.

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