The Shillelagh of Fortitude

Shillelaghs are well-known as both walking sticks and weapons, so one such stick with the unmistakable sigil of Magister Satteur, one of the most powerful arch-mages ever to live, certainly excites the imagination. The stick is obviously intensely magicked, and will show a powerful aura under a magiscope. This has led to owners assuming that the shillelagh is a powerful magical weapon or a brilliant piece of defensive magic. However, years of intensive study–supported by Satteur’s own handwritten notes–indicate that it is a simple walking stick given near-infinite durability and resistance to breaking. Intended only to aid Satteur on his rambling walks later in life, the shillelagh has nevertheless inspired intense curiosity and jealousy from those who are convinced it must be something more.

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