The Portable Forest

This appears to be a rather large chestnut ringed with gold wire, but when the command word written upon it is spoken and the item placed on the ground, it will magically create a forest of one acre from that spot. The forest will contain trees, understory, and leaf litter, but no animals, and will not take the place of any preexisting structures, growing around them instead. If the command word is uttered a second time, or one week elapses, the forest will return to its chestnut. It will also “contract” if any major damage is sustained by any of the summoned trees. The forest must recharge for a period equal to the amount of time it was deployed, with an additional day for every tree damaged or destroyed. The item was the creation of Druidess Eurrse, whose sigil is upon it, for the sole reason of giving her a forest to look upon during her travels.

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