Xenia Zzazzsk

Xenia Zzazzsk

Hey y’all! It’s ya girl Xenia of Hive Numbah Five, back at it like a bad habit in low orbit! Now, I want to come at you all earnest-like, for realz, and have a straight chat about my last fashion video on ClipClop.

Now, if you’re one of the 12.2 billion sapients who watched, liked, or subscribed, first of all, thanks one billion. But you’re also caught up, and since ClipClop but a genetic lock on the vid, I wanna make sure all y’all hiveies are caught up since you can’t just go watch it without Level Seven Double Diamond clearance from the Confed. The TLDR is that I said in my Galactic Fashion Update that the new look of this Galactic Rotation was ANTENNAE. Then I got out a few pairs of antennae from my bois at Obet Forehead Accoutrements and modeled them for all y’alls.

Well. Turns out that a lot of my Zypger sapients see those antennae as being hurtful stereotypes, like wearing a tentacle wig or fake forehead ridges. Even though the Obet and OFA have been selling designer antennae for millennia, Zypgers in the know told me that this was an insensitive reminder of the old Zypger Empire being dominated by the Obet Directory during the Eon of Humiliation.

And I want to say, from the depths of my valves, I truly am sorry. That’s on me, for not doing my homework, and I wanna give a straight up apology to my Zypger sapients. If any of y’all were hurt, offended, or triggered by my ClipClop vid, it was totally not intentional. I’m returning the antennae, un-proclaiming them to be the new look of this Galactic Rotation effective immediately, and severing my corporate 7735(c) Structured Compensation Agreement with Ultimet LLC GmbH (d.b.a. “Obet Forehead Accoutrements”) across all galaxies, timelines, and parallel skeins. The OFA recall code for this authorized decision is 1–7–3–4–6–7–3–2–1–4–7–6–Charlie.

Anyway, I hope all y’all hiveies can help me put this nasty old unfortunate incident behind us, and keep on slaying it like the Toothbeast of Aldebaran IV. Join me next time as I rank the best and worst dressed at the Green Carpet for the Zorbies, and also my latest You Know You’re Reform Fulvan If vid. Toodles and oodles, hivies!

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