It’s Vhod Amti from Zypger IV, and we’re about to begin our stream of War Ears VII: The Pointening by the State Game Factory. But before we get started, I want to give some shoutouts while the stream is still filling up.

First, I want to thank our returning sponsor CreditBase, creators of the VhodCoin quantum currency and minters of the VhodBase QFTs. Buy into their quantum currency ecosystem today and get an extra 20% with the code VHODSENTYA. I also want to remind anyone who bought AmtiCoin quantum currency with QuantumHQ in our earlier promotion that all sales are final, irrespective of quantum currency market collapses.

I’d also like to thank the State Game Factory for the review code for this game. You know, some people think that having a video game developer being an arm of the state entertainment monopoly means that everything they put out is boring, but anyone who’s played War Ears VI: Lobe it or Leave it knows that’s just not true. They provide the kind of hardcore gaming experience you can only get with the full resources and backing of an interstellar nation-state, and better still, you don’t have to worry about meeting content requirements!

This stream is also brought to you by the Directory of the Zypgar Union, which reminds you that you can have your fun, as long as they let you have fun, but don’t forget who is in charge. “The Zypgar Union: Unquestionably Powerful.” Remember our little rhyme: “mind your own business, let well enough be, our actions are matters of internal security.”

That said, let’s get to the game!

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