“What I want to know is how you can possibly meet or exceed the offer of our Korean friends,” said Valclav Covvec. He may have been the majordomo and 800-lb gorilla of Eastern European arms dealers, but he was remarkably soft-spoken for all that. Perhaps because his father had been a KGB agent.

“I can’t exceed the offer, but I can meet it,” said Ellifiore Eiryyrie, herself a rising star of the Mediterranean gun running business. The same shipment of South African Vektor assault rifles sold to three different Libyan and two Syrain factions had gotten her a seat at the table, but not any guarantees beyond that.

“If you can meet their offer, then I have to go with our Korean friends on the basis of our long relationship,” Covvec said, nodding toward Major Kim. “It’s just good business.”

“I do, however, have one thing to add,” said Ellifiore. She held up a photo, a Polaroid, and handed it over to Covvec.

He examined it. “Is this…?”

“Yes. That’s a mint and graded copy of Leopardmen II for the Musjido MMS,” Ellifiore said with a smile. “That picture was taken today, and the cartridge comes free with our purchase.”

Covvec flipped up his sunglasses. “How did you…?”

“Know that you collect classic video games, and have since you acquired a Petyakov Home Cartridge System for Christmas 1990?” Ellifiore smiled. “I do my homework.”

Covvec looked at Major Kim apologetically. “I mean no disrespect, but I’m afraid I must accept the competing offer.”

“Oh no,” said Kim, hands raised. “Our Supreme Leader and Respected Comrade is a gamer himself. He will understand. In fact, if I might pose for a brief selfie with the item, it would please him greatly.”

“Consider it done,” Ellifiore said.

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