“Sorry I’m late,” said Sean. “I had to stop by Fabrics Plus. Abby wants new curtains.”

Adam and Job snickered from behind the games counter, the half-processed inventory of Streets of Fury 3 all but forgotten.

“What’s so funny about that?” Sean asked. “Also, the first person who makes a lewd pun about drapes is fired. That’s my wife we’re talking about.”

No, no,” said Job. “It’s just…can you imagine what would happen if they ran Fabrics Plus like a GamerStore?”

“Oh, that’s right, I forgot that Yarn 2.0 drops today,” said Adam. “I’m glad; Yarn 1.0 was too easy to snarl.”

“I bet you had that plus last week’s Threadbane III on pre-order” Job retorted. “I sewed in the beta and got to keep a square yard as long as I didn’t show it before the release date.”

“Do you have any used paisley cloth? I want to trade in three square yards of berber for paisley,” Adam said in falsetto.

“I’m sorry, we only have enough paisley for our pre-order customers,” Job replied, putting on a stoner voice. “We’ll be getting another shipment in a week.”

“You two are idiots.” Sean sighed and walked toward the back of the store. “No wonder we’re behind in sales this month.”