AI-15882: Exorcism.
Many, through no fault of their own, find themselves with haunted real estate due to fraudulent nondisclosure of haunting by sellers. Let Altman Industries clean house with one of our patented exorcisms. Using extensively cross-trained Unitarian ministers, Altman guarantees that the invocation will be found which drives the spirits away, and backs that up with a 10-year assurance plan.

AI-40834: Possession
Want to get ahead in your career or vocation of choice? Want to sabotage a rival? An Altman Short-Term Possession Contract (STPC) may just be the thing for you. Let a tireless Rage Demon inhabit your mortal husk to undercut the others on the trading floor, or send a wailing Insanity Demon into the body of that young turk who’s stealing all your contracts. Like what you see? Extend the offer with a Long-Term Possession Contract at no additional charge!*

*No additional monetary charge. Other conditions such as the forfeiture of your eternal soul and plunges into lakes of fire may occur. Altman Industries is not responsible for these conditions and will not offer refunds. Contact your local AI representative for details.