Avius Anuran

This strange creature appears to be at least semi-intelligent and is often mischievous, though rarely malicious. They have been known to steal small items from intruders, and to set simple snares designed to deter intrusion into their habitat in temperate forests. The frogfly fuses small leaves into small cups to collect dew, and lays its eggs in the ensuing tiny pools. The call of the frogfly is noteworthy for being far higher and slower than terrestrial frogs, and it has often been mistaken for human laughter…

Frog O’Lantern
Curcurbita Anuran

Found primarily in squash fields, the Frog O’Lantern has evolved a thick carapace to mimic natural gourds and feast on the bugs that inhabit them.

“The curcurbita anuran itself does not glow, but forms a symbiotic relationship with bioluminescent bacteria that shine around its eyes and mouth during mating season, which is typically late October. Studies indicate that the relative brightness of the glow plays a part in courtship, though this is currently unverified.” – Dr. Phineas Phable

Veedubyus Anuran

One of the major causes of swamp pollution. Some would have us beleive that this is a light truckphibian, but this is simply not the case. Be very wary; Volksphibian kidnappings are not unheard of. Once you get in, there’s no telling where you’ll end up.

Clockwork Frog
Beethovus Anuran

This normally-motionless amphibian springs to life when you wind it, gears spinning and churning on its back.

“Beware that it doesn’t unload a bit of the old ultrahopping on you.” – Anonymous

Felis Anuran

A rare breed of amphibimammal, the Frogcat inhabits extremely limited areas of western Michigan. Identifiable by its distinctive cry (“croew” or “meak”), it is a reclusive animal that shuns contact with all but selected homo sapiens, frogs, and felines. Extremely intelligent, but also quite shy. Sightings should be reported to your local DNR at once.

Hourglass Frog
Tempus Frogit Anuran

Refines naturally-occurring chroniton particles from its diet of swamp much and high-powered quantum neutrino fields. Approach with extreme caution.

“Near the edge of all things
In the Swamplands of Time
A curious creature sings
Without reason or rhyme

The Hourglass Frog
Bounds through the grass
Dimly through the fog
You’ll hear it pass

From it shy away
And do not disturb
For a high price you’ll pay
If it you perturb

The sands inside it
Reverse their fall
And within a moment
You were never born at all”