Melody Greer preferred to be known as Subcommander MG, at least when planning sabotage operations with her Humans for Ethical Animal Treatment group (or “cell” as she preferred to call it). A consensus had rapidly developed among the HEAT members in Cascadia regarding Melody, one that had withstood membership changes and trips to the cooler:

-She was a gifted leader and passionate organizer for the local HEAT.

-She was completely batshit crazy.

This time, she appeared before the seven local members wearing an East German surplus field sweater and a drawn balaclava. “Greetings. Our target this time will be the C. I. Winslow Farms. We will liberate their entire stock of hogs and cattle, and sabotage production systems.”

A hand went up in the back. “Isn’t that a family farm? I think I went to school with the Winslows.”