“Listen. Richards Furniture is built on a squeaky clean base of family business and support.”

“I know that, okay?”

“We count on people trusting us. You remember how Grandpa Richards used to give out free chairs to sell dinette sets. You remember how he had us clean the restrooms as our first job in the place, since that was the first thing people coming off I-75 would judge us for.”

“Look, it was an honest mistake, okay?”

“We have ‘Nicest Restrooms on I-75’ on our billboard for a reason. It tells people that it’s okay to stop just to use the restroom, and maybe buy an armoire.”

“You act like no one’s ever made a spelling mistake before.”

“Yeah, well tell that to the people who see the ad for ‘Incest Restrooms on I-75’ the next time they drive by.”

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