As you know, the University of Northern Mississippi sports teams are no longer the Fighting Tuscolas. Negotiations for a new mascot are still in committee, so until then we will be known as the University of Northern Mississippi Northern Mississippians.

In keeping with the administration’s pledge to remove all mention of the Tuscola tribe from university life, the practice of random “Cowboys and Indians” squirtgun and sponge-arrow attacks during orientation has been banned. Anyone caught with a squirtgun or cowboy hat will be immediately removed from their orientation position.

There have been complaints that orientation leaders have been attempting to influence students interested in Greek life to pledge Kappa Qoppa Beta. This is completely unacceptable; Alpha Digamma Nu is the only Greek organization that may be mentioned to orientation students. Rumors that this rule has come about due to a large donation from a former Alpha Di are untrue.

The special “legacy orientations” for sisters of Zeta San Iota have gotten mixed up with normal orientation groups in the past and failed to receive the unique experience that they are entitled to. As such, all “legacy” orientation groups will be issued identical bright pink t-shirts to properly segregate them from “non-legacy” ones. We realize that this will make distinguishing between the girls difficult, as they already have identical heights, haircuts, hair colors, and pants, but ask that you please bear with us.

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