Are you suffering from cellulite, crow’s feet, sun damage, or general aging? Have conventional beauty products completely and utterly failed to stem the relentless march of time? There’s no getting off this train we’re on.

But there is a product that can help!

Shinra Electric Power Company, sole supplier of electricity, arms, and consumer goods worldwide is pleased to announce the MAKOPLASTY™ beauty procedure! Your friendly one-world megacorporate government has your best interests in mind, and those include the ability to defy the natural aging process while maximizing shareholder value.

The MAKOPLASTY™ infuses your skin with raw Mako energy, the life force of the Planet ripped directly from the Lifestream and refined into clean energy by Shinra’s network of Mako reactors. Yes, the same miracle energy source that eliminated the need for polluting coal power can now be put to work for you.

After the safe and clean MAKOPLASTY™ infusion process, you will find that your skin suddenly had both dramatically improved tone and a healthy glow. You’ll also get the striking “Mako eyes,” famous for their appearance among The Shinra Electric Power Company’s elite SOLDIER security forces. There are absolutely no side effects!*

With prices starting at 50,000 gil, you can’t afford not to consider MAKOPLASTY™. MAKOPLASTY™: The Lifeblood of the Planet, In Your Face!

Shinra Mako Clinic
997 Sector 1, Upper Plate, Midgar
Ask for Dr. Hojo

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Shinra Electric Power Company Food and Drug Administration, nor should it be, as all Shinra products are inherently safe and effective. Rumors of side effects including but not limited to mutation, decreased HP count, MP deficiency, AP drain, the Jenova Reunion, and subjugation to the will of Sephiroth are completely false. Report any rumormongering to your local branch of the Investigation Sector of the General Affairs Department, or the Department of Administrative Research.

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