NBS Broadcasting and NBS Sports is proud to present this week’s Tom Hicks and Carl Drake “Underdog of the Moment” award to the University of Northern Mississippi’s Fighting Abolitionists. Fresh off their 31-30 defeat of the Southern Michigan University Fighting Grizzlies, the Abs are up against the #2 ranked State University of Arkansas Devastating Tornadoes.

Drake had this to say about the pick: “While the ‘Does smashed their last opponent, Arkansas State, 97-2, I feel that the Abs have a fighting chance against the larger, better-funded, and more popular school. Why? Because the season is looking like a dull-as-ditchwater arms race between the schools with the biggest pocketbooks right now, and predicting unlikely upsets is as close to some real suspense as we’re likely to get.”

Hicks added that “Northern Mississippi hasn’t beaten a nationally ranked school since 1910, but the fans here have never given up hope, and it’s that do-or-die, giving 110%, hustle, and follow-through that ekes them out a special place among the sacrificial opponents the ‘Does have lined up to preserve their strength and sharpen their teeth before the inevitable bowl game.”

SUOA ‘Does coach Howard Gristle said of the award: “We’re looking forward to playing a team with gumption, and I guarantee that my boys will face a tough battle to be courteous as they pick the Abs out of their teeth, but I am confident that they have the hustle and follow-through to pull it off.”

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