Excerpted from the Ruins & Rogues Creature Compendium, incorporating materials from the Sorcerers & Sabers Interverse Guide

Meth Zombie
Size: M
Hit Dice: 3d13+5
Treasure: Class X
Armor Class: Developmental
Attacks: +2 (claws), +2 (jaws), Special (addiction)

In the turmoil among the Interversal Continuums brought about by the industrial revolution and the Age of Addiction, the continuums relating to basic elements rapidly proliferated as the Old Continuums broke up and new ones formed from the debris. Among the most recent new elemental continuums is the Interversal Continuum of Amphetamines, formed from broken shards of the Interversal Continuum of Pure and Applied Chemistry and the Interversal Continuum of Explosions.

Meth Zombies are the most common denizens of the Interversal Continuum of Amphetamines, generally created elsewhere and then brought to serve their masters beyond the veil of the Prime World. Dull-eyed and shuffling, with rotten features and a nauseating stench, the Meth Zombies instinctively attack all other creatures on sight. They can be commanded and given simple directions by interversal beings from their continuum at the level of Meth Lord or higher, though. They attacks with simple but powerful clawing and biting, but each attack carries a 2% chance of inflicting Addiction on their target.

Addicted targets will single-mindedly seek out and consume crystals of methamphetamine, often by attacking the crystallized rind that covers portions of the zombies’ bodies. They will continue to consume until they perish of heart failure, after which they will rise as a Meth Zombie in 6-8 hours.

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