Here at Tempus LLC, we know that the most precious resource that anyone has is time. We also know that there’s nothing better than exchanging your time for someone else’s money. But what about idle time outside of normal work hours? How can you sell your time in exchange for cash when there’s nothing to do but sit on your hands?

That’s where our exciting new Temporal Outsourcing program comes in. By working alongside your past or future selves, you can maximize your earning potential in a snap!

By using our patented system, you can call upon someone you know that you can trust to pitch in and help out at the busiest times. Or, if you prefer, you can turn your idle hours into cash by providing competent assistance to someone that you have a vested interest in seeing succeed! Worried about paradoxes, temporal causality loops, or feedback wormholes? Tempus LLC has ironed all* the kinks out of its patented system, leaving you to worry only** about the job at hand. It’s already being used in Bangladesh and the People’s Republic of Irrawaddy, long known for their innovative† approaches to working conditions, so why not give it a try? Previews and test drives available at no obligation‡!

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