To those reading this document, we bid you welcome. What you see here is the true constitution, basic law, and founding principles of the Kleptocratic Republic, which you may know as merely the Republic. Any constitution or laws that you may know are falsehood and facades before this, the true constitution.

Why the subterfuge? Simple. We of the Kleptocratic Republic take what we can freely and without apologies as individuals or syndicates. But not everyone is skilled in the art of taking, and a nation of kleptocrats raises to question of from whom they will steal. We have therefore erected edifices of law and order, justice and punishment, to punish those that are no good at kleptocracy and cow those who lack the boldness it requires. This ensures that only the most skilled arise, and ensures a steady supply of marks and pigeons. It also keeps foreign nations, from whom we regularly steal, in the dark.

Now that you have discovered this document, consider yourself initiated. Peruse the following articles at your leisure, be you cutpurse or syndicate member, and know that you are among friends. Know also that nothing stops friends from robbing friends, and that this document is a living document which may be altered to suit the needs of those who are aware and abiding by it. As for how to alter it…consider that the next test.

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