Name: Lucius Hauntington IV
Gender: Male
Date of Death: 10/20/1815
Classification: Free Floating Full Torso Vaporous Apparition
Place of Death: New Orleans
Cause of Death: Gunshot wound
Country of Death: USA
State/Region of Birth: Louisiana
Demon: Baphomet
Burial Address:
Ye Acre of Rest Cemeterie
666 Hearse Lane New Orleans LA 70447 USA
Desired Major: Spirit Therapy
Desired Minor: Ecto-American Studies
The Great Haunting of 1857
The Harrowing of Elder Street 1877
Spirit Guide 1910-1925
Spirit Photographer Aide 1911-1924
Bumps in the Night Club 1926-present
New Orleans Saints Hexing Club 1955-present

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