GesteCo LLC PleasureCenter™ Operations Note

Use of the PleasureCenter™ device for more than 5 minutes is STRONGLY countraindicated. Any alteration of the hard-coded 5-minute time limit will void the GesteCo limited warranty and open the individual to prosecution under the Abuse of Pleasure Act § 10. Doing so despite posted warnings serves to absolve GesteCo LLC and PleasureCenter™ distributors of any and all liability in perpetuity throughout the universe.

Extended use of the PleasureCenter™ may cause the following side effects:

– “burnout” of pleasure centers in the human brain, leading to the inability to feel pleasure without a PleasureCenter™ ever again

– cerebral hemorrhage

– “hyperactivation” of pleasure centers in the human brain, leading to a state of constant bliss until death through coronary failure

– hysteria

– homicide

– violent involuntary spasms

– violent voluntary spasms

– atheism

– theism

– myocardial infarction

– coma

– death

– resurrection

Please use your PleasureCenter™ only within acceptable means and limits.

Inspired by the song ‘5 minutes pleasure’ by Hiroki Kikuta, released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

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