Consumers are dumb, stupid, panicky animals. They are irrational, spurning data in favor of gut instinct and gut instinct in favor of data. Trying to change their behavior results, often as not, in unfounded rumors that your precious product causes testicular shrinkage or hyperactivity or cancer. What’s more, it’s expensive to change consumer behaviors, with a sustained campaign of misinformation being an essential component and plenty of competitors with their own misinformation.

But then we here at Cleared Customs (a division of GesteCo) had a much better idea: why not simply modify the customers themselves? It’s cheaper, simpler, and most importantly foolproof. We are therefore pleased to offer, on a trial basis in select cities, our new CC PhageAdvantage™ system. By releasing swarms of nanoscale delivery devices, we can alter the fundamental DNA of consumers and affect their purchasing behaviors, lifestyle, and physical form.

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