Version 1.13.0 – June 25, 2016

New Features

Google Naps can now support Advanced Naps, allowing short (less than 5 minutes) periods of wakefulness. Integration with eBay and other vendors to allow targeted wakefulness will be added soon. (Issue 5203.)

Dreams now have the ability to import content from Google Play. Itunes and Netflix support may be added at a later date. (Issue 5559.)

Snoring now defaults to 40dB. Set the new preferredSnoreVolume property on GMSMapView to revert to the old behavior (Loud) or a new low-volume 20dB option to save sanity (Quiet). (Issue 5066.)

Resolved Issues

A bug that caused nappers with negative values to never wake up has been resolved. (Issue 9173.)

Setting a Future Nap within a sleep period no longer results in restful sleep being overwritten by fitfulness. (Issue 8121.)

Ongoing Issues

Users have reported 30dB snoring occasionally resets to 130 dB after a hard reboot. Be sure to check snoring volume after each hard reset. (Issue 9221.)

Initiating a nap with less than 10% battery power remaining will sometimes lead to a coma until recharge. This is the software inadvertently creating a very long, very unsatisfying nap. (Issue 8523.)

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