Hatched under a blood moon from a black egg laid by a hen that had been hexed by a witch or something, Peckabella the Dark Chicken was the most evil fowl ever to walk the earth.

Her Dark Eggs were sold at a local farmer’s market and uickly gained infamy both for their robust taste and their 100% evil content (by volume). Misfortune invariably befell anyone who handled, ate, or touched one of these black oblate spheroids of doom, but they also had a surprisingly robust taste.

Eventually, the farmers decided that Peckabella’s reign of doom over the barnyard had to stop. They made plans to cook her into a pot pie for the neighbors. But the evil chicken had the last laugh: while a pot pie did show up on the neighbors’ doorstep the next day, Peckabella was seen in the farmyard soon after. It was the farmers that were never seen again.

The dark chicken ran the farm under an alias until she disappered a few years later during a solar eclipse.

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